Berserker / Frankenstein

made: Winter 2018
photographers: Chas
prop: Dial C Costumes

I’ve been a Fate/Apocrypha fan since they began releasing the novels in Japan. Honestly it was so exciting to have the series get an anime last year! Watching it really reminded me of how much I love Fran’s design and character. I’d been wanting to get better at dress making and putting effort into working my own embellishments and details into my costumes and Fran was a great chance to do that. I drafted and embellished/painted the bodice, skirt, and headpieces over the course of a couple months before ALA and honestly it was super rewarding.

I actually love wearing her horn and headpiece and huge skirt. As a whole the costume is really easy to wear since I’ve always been really interested in putting effort into my garment durability and ease of wear. Also I’ll never say no to a huge petticoat 😀 

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