Berserker / Ibaraki Douji

made: Spring 2018
photographers: Chas

Here’s a secret: I sew and I build props, but I can’t draw or paint to save my life, so I turned to taobao for Ibaraki’s patterned kimono, as well as the tattoo templates and the belt for this costume. I sculpted and painted the horns myself and remade the headpiece that taobao sent me – the forehead design was made out of foam, but I found fabric bent better and looked much more delicate and natural. I wanted to hairspray the design to the wig to get it perfectly “melded” but it didn’t work as planned, so bobby pins it was.

The body paint was alcohol activated makeup. Without a reference for her upper arms I decided to just stop painting a little up my forearm but… as it’d turn out…. it ends in a tattoo design – hoping for a chance to fix that next time I shoot!

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