Caster / Cu Chulainn

Caster Cu Chulainn

made: winter 2016
photographers: Khristian and Raikapon

Caster was one of those “fuck it” costumes. I honestly never thought I could be “manly” enough to be him, and the decision to make the costume was purely because I decided I didn’t care if I looked good or not, I just wanted to be Cu without the blue Lancer onesie. Magically, I was able to wear this for Aniplex at AX 2017 during the official Fate/Grand Order USA launch and had the chance to thank the FGO: First Order director personally for putting shirtless Caster into the OVA.

What can I say, I live life on the edge.

Funny story, I made this when the only images we had of him were his in-game sprites and portraits, which means I had no goddam idea what the back of his cape looked like or if his top was a… tank top? Tube top? I was flying blind and borrowing elements I’d seen in fan art that I’d liked. Turns out I nailed the tank top bit and the only problem with the back of the cape and skirt was that they’re more detailed than the official reference shots.

I made the gold bias tape myself to make sure all the details were magically glittery enough. Also custom made “shoes” to attach the foot armor to so I could get that “floating in front of his legs” look that he has going on in his in game sprites.