(feat. HK as Minamoto no Yoshitune and Jet as Hizamaru)

source: Touken Ranbu
made: spring 2015
photographers: Black Heaven Atelier

If you ever think it’s a GREAT idea to try to construct a garments using historical methods but don’t know how to wear said garments, don’t do it. I thought it would be brilliant to try to make Imanotsurugi using Heian-era patterns. It didn’t work. It was lumpy and weird. I scrapped everything and patterned flying by the seat of my pants.

Everything on the costume, minus the geta, was made by me: clothes, armor, hat… have you ever tried to rig worbla armor to sit on one arm, seemingly attached to nothing? I did! Ended up gluing velcro to 1 attachment point on the shoulder armor and looping that through a belt loop I made on the sleeve.

Many, many, many inches of red cord died to make this costume.