Tohsaka Rin

source: Fate/Stay Night
made: many moons ago
photographers: Lexy

Real talk. I’ve been cosplaying Rin since 2012-ish. I have no clue when I first made the outfit, except I was in a sad, awkward, self-loathing part in my life and being able to dress up like my favorite heroine and feel loved and strong was the carrot on a stick I needed to keep up with cosplay.

So far I’ve gone through two skirts, two tops, four wigs, more thigh highs than I can count, three sets of bows, two pendants, and one pair of school loafers in my “career” cosplaying Tohsaka. She means a lot to me, and I know if I ever hit a rough spot and can’t churn out a new costume for a con, I can always wear Tohsaka and feel confident and have an amazing time.

It’s a wonder that I don’t have more pictures, but until a year or so ago I was miserable at asking for people for photos. The ones here by Lexy actually make me feel attractive, which is amazing and humbling.