Foreigner / Katsushika Hokusai

made: Summer 2018
photographers: Chas

I legitimately fell in love with Hokusai the moment I saw her (and failed to summon her…) in Fate/Grand Order’s 2018 new years event. I had no idea I needed an Edo-ben speaking tentacle loving artist in my life, but here we are, and since I wasn’t able to summon her I decided to become her. 

Like my Ibaraki kimono, I ordered Hokusai’s kimono from taobao because my artistic skills leave a lot to be desired. The flower hairpins, flowers on the obi, and the giant paintbrush were all made by me. I had the “brilliant” idea to make the bristles of the brush out of wig wefts, but failed to order enough – that and the summer heat made for a very wilted brush (affectionately called the evil onion) that’ll need to be repaired soon.